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1983 Redmon Mobile Home VIN number

by Donna
(Rantoul, IL, USA)

I have searched, including the front hitch, for the mobile home vin number as my mother with alzheimers has lost the original title. Apparently, in Illinois, they destroy original titles after 7 years, so that is a dead end. Does anybody know what the number is supposed to even look like? I have found three numbers. One is a HUD number, the other two are 8 digits and 10 digits respectively. If one of them is correct I can apply from the factory that built the mobile home for a certificate of origin, which I can then use to apply for title; otherwise, if we can't find the vin, I am going to have to have the mobile appraised, then obtain a bond in order to get another title. Help please. Thank you so very much. Donna M

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