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Mobile Home floor plans, manufacturers, and models

First and foremost: Mobile Home floor plans are not set in stone - walls can be moved either before leaving the factory or after, so make sure that you get what you want.

Now, there are over 80 different manufacturers of Mobile Homes (manufactured homes).  These range from small to very large companies, with each one having several models. Each model will have several floorplans, and then each floorplan can be modified further.

So, it is not possible to list every floorplan of every model available.

Mobile Home floor plans come in the various formats:

  • One, two, three, and more bedrooms

  • Front entry and side entry

  • Kitchen in front or kitchen in the middle

  • Two story

mobile home floor plans

floor plan mobile home mobile home floor plans

Where to find floor plans

The best way to see floor plans are to start with a dealer. This is because a dealer is familiar with the models, quality, construction, and they can easily hear what you want and give you options.  Click here for our recommended dealer.

However, if you just want to browse floor plans to get some ideas, we suggest that you go straight to the manufactures to see what they have.  Here are our recommended manufacturers - follow these links for complete information and the company websites:

  1. Clayton

  2. Fleetwood

  3. Cavco

  4. Skyline

Additional manufacturers are listed here:

  1. Redman

  2. Norris

  3. Palm Harbor

  4. Oakwood

  5. Champion

  6. Golden West

By Will Cunningham

Click here for our list of all manufacturers

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