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Mobile Home transport and moving
What you need to know

Most Mobile Home Transport companies are small local operators that cover a few hundered miles.  Most, if not all, of their business comes from dealers who need to move old homes off a space and a new home on to the space.

Now, hiring a mover is basically the same as hiring any contractor.  Look for obvious warning signs, most of which are just as simple as a lack of professionalism (no website, dirty old equipment, etc.).  

Make sure of these simple things:

  • Ask for previously helped customers and call them

  • Get every thing in writing

  • Ask for their insurance and license information

What a good mover will do for you

A good Mobile Home Transport company will do an on site inpection of the home to be moved, give you a good quote, and tell you want is involved.  They will also require that all items be removed  from the home - this is for your protection and theirs.

Typically, a good mover will handle all the details of break down and set up (if needed) or disposal (if needed). By Will Cunningham

Mobile Home Transport

Mobile Home TransportMobile Home TransportMobile Home Transport
Use professional movers only!

How to find one

Well, hopefully you have taken our advice above and are not trying to do this your self, meaning coordinating the removal and set up, nor coordinating the purchase from a factory and moving and set up - this can only get you in trouble.

A good mover will help you in this area.  Some can act as a general contractor and handle everything for you.  Some will just move a Mobile Home to and from where it needs to go.

If you are using a dealer then they will have Mobile Home Transport companies that they use consistantly.  However, if you are on your own, then there are two ways to locate one: Simple Yellow Pages (good luck), or the internet!  If you are in California, try calling our recommended dealer - he will help you out - click here to see pictures of new homes being moved.

  • Click here to look up a good transport company at the online Yellow Pages

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