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Tips on Mobile Home repair, decorating, remodeling, and parts

Simple Mobile Home repair, decorating, remodeling, and the parts you need to complete these are found here.  Additional information is broken down here:

Mobile Home repair

9 times out of 10, a repair to a Mobile Home is the same as for a regular home - plumbing, flooring, wiring, etc. all are very similar and most parts are inter-changable.

Very few repairs are going to be specific to a Mobile Home. We will be listing here various, common repairs that come up time and again.

Common repairs

  • Mobile Home doors

  • Mobile Home stairs

  • Mobile Home furnace (including electric)

  • Mobile Home bathtubs

  • Mobile Home water heater

  • Coleman Mobile Home furnace

  • Mobile Home awnings

  • Mobile Home windows

  • Mobile Home roofing

  • Mobile Home decks

  • Mobile Home skirting

  • Mobile Home siding

  • Mobile Home leveling and foundation

One common upgrade is Earthquake bracing

Mobile Home repair - earthquake bracing
This upgrade may be required if you want Earthquake insurance


Mobile Home remodeling

Mobile Home remodeling is usually extensive, covering many of the homes areas (walls, floors, ceilings, plumbing, wiring, etc).

With many of the Mobile Homes out there being older (1970-1980), most of these homes should be completely replaced.  However, some may still be salvagable with an extensive remodel.

Mobile Home repair is different than remodeling - repairs are simple fixes, whereas a remodel is extensive.

Typically a remodel will make the home much more enjoyable to live in, but keep in mind that 99% of the time you will NOT get the money out of the home that you put into it - only remodel if you cannot replace the home. By Will Cunningham

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Mobile Home Parts

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