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Mobile Home Stairs
Information and what you need to know

By Will Cunningham: Mobile Home stairs are very common, in fact almost all Mobile Homes have them.  Repairs and complete replacement is usually needed at some point during the time you own your home.

Types of Stairs

Wood is commonly used

easy to work with mobile home stairs are often made of wood
Wood is easy to work with

Metal is also very common

These will do, but they are ugly
The most common type of stairs or steps

Stone looks great

Stone is expensive but lasts the longest
Stone or Brick look the best

Plastic that looks like wood

Deck material is commonly plastic to last longer
This is wood and plastic being used together

What you need to know when repairing or replacing your Mobile Home Stairs


For simple or more complex repairs you should always hire a licensed contractor with experience working on stairs.  Unless you are very handy, this is a job for a professional.  Stairs are not something you can just patch up and expect them to be safe.  They are used a lot and take a lot of abuse, and they are a common area where accidents happen.  So make sure that any repairs are done right. Your stairs should be solid and safe for you and your guests.

Stairs and Steps are designed by using three measurements:

  1. How high is each step from the one before it
  2. How wide is the step
  3. How deep is the step (measured from the tip of your foot to the heel) - this is called the "Run"
The highth and the run will determine how steep or shallow your steps are.

Quality and Safety

Double Wide Manufactured Home
Notice the height vs. the run, or depth

Check with your County Building Department for permits and safety codes for stairs.  You cannot afford to skip this step!!

Steps that match the skirting

Double Wide Manufactured Home
Nicely done brick and slumpstone

Sturdy railing is very important

Double Wide Manufactured Home
Make sure your stairs are safe

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