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Park Model Mobile Homes
What is a Park Model?

Park Model Mobile Homes are right in between an RV and a Single Wide Mobile Home.  They are are often used as second homes, cabins, beach houses, rental units, temporary or emergency housing.

Because of their low cost and small size, a Park Model will be a perfect fit where any small shelter is needed. 

These homes are built completely in the factory and transported as a complete unit.  They are built on a single trailer chassis.  Very little assembly is required and final set up is very quick.  

Most Park Model Mobile Homes have one bedroom and one bathroom.  For a single person or a couple who is away for the weekend or a long vacation, the size is ideal.

A Log Cabin Park Model Mobile Home

Park Model Mobile Homes
The Cabin look, ideal for a vacation home  

Park Model Mobile Homes usually are 10 feet to 12 feet wide.

Some have a loft inside, making the usable space even bigger.

Interior of a Cabin type Park Model 

park model mobile homes
A loft in a Park Model, standing up could be a problem

The rules for moving a Park Model are the same as an RV - not like a Single Wide or Double Wide Mobile Home, where it is illegal to move a used unit for further occupancy in the United States. By Will Cunningham

All Park Models are built to the same standards as Recreational Vehicles, more information can be found here.

More Photos of Park Models

Park Model Mobile Homes
A great second home  


Park Model Mobile Homes
Bedroom in a Park Model with out a loft

Interior of a Cabin type Park Model

log cabin type mobile home interior
Loft visable from the dining and kitchen

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