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Trailer Homes
What is a Trailer Home

Trailer Homes are not Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes. They are usually still on wheels and axles, even though they are commonly found in some lower-end Mobile Home parks. 

You will recognize one by the small size, hitch showing, external propane tanks, running lights, and wheels still attached. 

A typical Trailer Home

Trailer Homes
Notice the propane tanks on the hitch 

This unit is in a Mobile Home park with similar homes, Single Wide Mobile Homes, and a few Double Wide Mobile Homes. This home is not intended to be moved, but does not fall under the Mobile Home definition - see below for title and lending issues.

Another example of a Trailer Home

Trailer homes
Notice the hitch looks ready to hook up to a truck

A fifth wheel can be a Trailer Home

Trailer Homes
This is common in some parks 

This fifth wheel is ready to be hauled away if needed, so you can see that a Trailer Home can be more or less permanent.


A normal size for a Trailer Home is less than 600 square feet. Although with an addition or push-out they can become larger inside.

Title and Lending

The main differences are that Trailer Homes do not qualify for normal Mobile Home financing and the ownership records (title) is not handled by the Department of Houseing and Urban Development (HUD), they are handled by the same agencies on the State level that handle automobiles (DMV in California).

Financing, therefore, is similar to auto, motorcycle, or trailer financing.  Most Mobile Home lenders will not lend on a Trailer Home. By Will Cunningham

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