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Double Wide Mobile Homes
What makes them "double" 

Simply put, Double Wide Mobile Homes are two sections that bolt together to make one large unit.

Factory built homes come in a lot of shapes and sizes.  Normally, though, they are rectangular, and usually they come in two or more pieces.  These pieces are called sections, and when they are assembled correctly they make a beautiful home.

Two sections built to go together

Double Wide Manufactured Home
A new home waiting to be installed

In this picture you can see the seam that goes down the middle of the home - this is very typical of older mobile homes.

New models are now made to hide this seam, as in this picture below.

Same two section construction

Double Wide Mobile Home
A nice new model

Building Mobile and Manufactured Homes this way makes it easy to transport and install the sections.  

Sizes and dimensions

There are many Manufacturers of these types of properties and each will have slightly different styles, shapes, and sizes (and costs).

In general, "double wide" homes come in these dimensions:

8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet wide

42, 48, 50, 56, and 60 feet long

This does not include any porches, awnings, covered parking, sheds, additions, etc.  So, a double wide can be from 672 sqft to 1920 sqft.  
Of course these are general numbers and actually many manufactured homes can be ordered from the factories with adjustments made to the size over all.

Now, a doublewide is always two sections. If you see a singlewide (single section) with a "push out" or slide out section, this is not a true double wide property.  This is still a singlewide with a push out.  Insurance and lending companies will classify these as single wide homes.

A "triplewide" would be 3 sections built to all go together, obviously this would be a much larger home.  Typically the sections would come in 2 that are the same size, with another 3rd one that is smaller. By Will Cunningham

Two bedroom, two bath

Double Wide Mobile Home
A nice older model

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