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Single Wide Mobile Homes
What makes them "single"

Single Wide Mobile Homes are very common and an inexpensive option for a lot of people.  The best thing about them is their low cost, but they are also plenty big.  

The "single" refers to a single section of the home.  These homes are built almost completely in the factory and transported as a complete unit.  They are built on a single trailer chassis.  Very little assembly is required and final set up is very quick.  

Most new single wide Mobile or Manufactured Homes are two bedrooms and two baths, so for a single person or a couple, this is ususally the best option.

A typical single wide Mobile Home

Single Wide Mobile Homes
Older single wide 

These types of Mobile Homes usually are 10 feet to 16 feet wide.

Some have what is called a push out, this is a section that slides out or is added on after installation.  This will increase the size of the living area.

A single wide with an addition

single wide mobile homes
Older single wide with an addition

When an addition or a push out is used, the over all living area becomes much larger. 

These types of Mobile Homes can range in quality, age, and size much of the time.  Some single wides have only one bedroom and one bathroom.  Also, financing can be a little more tricky with a single wide home.

Size and dimensions

A normal dimension for a single wide mobile home is as follows:

12 feet, 14 feet, and 16 feet wide

42 feet to 60 feet long

So the typical area inside is 540 sqft to 960 sqft.  This is with out any push outs or additions, and does not include any awings, porches, stairs, decks, sheds, etc. By Will Cunningham

A log cabin park model home

Single Wide Mobile Homes

Another version of the log cabin look

Single Wide Mobile Homes
A park model ready to go 

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