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New Mobile Home Interior
What are they really like inside?

So, what are the new Mobile Homes like on the inside?

Stunning is the word we like to use.   

A new Mobile Home Interior these days is the same as a stick built house.  You will find the same appliances, flooring, tile, bull-nosed corners, complete drywall, recessed lighting, and the list goes on.

A typical new unit interior 

Mobile Home Interior
Sloped ceiling 

A word of caution here:  You must ask for these upgrades when ordering a new unit - DO NOT assume that a new home will have bull-nosed drywall through out.

A large Double Wide

Mobile Home Interior
Pitched ceiling and skylight

New Mobile Homes are very, very nice.  All the details can be had and some for very little extra money. 

New Kitchen

Mobile Home Interior
Recessed lighting

The variety and options are almost unlimited.  The amount of different floorplans and models available will overwhelm most people. Add to that all of the changes that can be made after a home is delivered, and before it is ready to move in is amazing - you need to have a dealer who looks out for your best interests. 

To see our recommended dealer for California, click here.

Even French Doors are available

Mobile Home Interior
This set is unfinished, still needs moulding

Things to keep in mind when choosing a new Mobile Home Interior

For the new home buyer there are many things to take into account, and if thought of ahead of time, you will be much happier with the results.  Such as:

Will there be a visable seam down the middle of a new Double Wide?

What would you prefer: pitched ceiling or flat?  How high?  Do you care if there is a seam or not?

What exactly is standard, and what is an upgrade?

Will the dealer you are using be able to make changes to the unit before you move in?  Are they willing to move walls if needed, etc.?

Most important:  How long with this take?  Is there a guarantee?  What happens if there is a dispute?

The choices you make upfront will make a huge difference down the road.  Changing major parts of your Mobile Home Interior after you move it will be much harder.

A Double Wide with a seam

Mobile Home Interior
This ceiling has a big seam down the middle

This is a detail that most new home buyers do not consider.

A Double Wide without a seam

Mobile Home Interior
9 foot flat ceiling without a seam

Many upgrades can be included, and some features are standard. By Will Cunningham

Upgrades, flat ceilings, and bamboo floors

Mobile Home Fireplace
Working fireplace and flat screen TV ready

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