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Best California Mobile Home  Mortgage Lender
Our first choice for getting a loan in California

If you are lucky enough to own a Mobile Home in California and you need a loan, either to buy, refinance for cash out, or for a lower rate, then the best lender is:

Clay Dickens - (800) 569-2100

Clay has been writing Mobile and Manufactured Home mortgages for over 13 years with Community West Bank.

Call Clay for a no pressure conversation about your needs for financing - (800) 569-2100

Clay Dickens works in Goleta, California

California Mobile Home Lender
The Corporate office of Community West Bank

What Clay will do for you

Within a few minutes of talking to Clay you will realize why he is so sought after for Mobile Home Financing.  Clay will be able to determine what the best course of action for you to take is, and he will gladly tell you if a loan is not your best option (even though he only makes money when he writes a new loan).

Clay will explain the process, what is required on your part, and all of the details up front.  Realize, though, that lending is a process and from Start to Finish many circumstances change.  It is Clay's job to anticipate problems and address them first - before the underwriter needs to even ask.  Of course, Clay is an expert at this.  You really need to have him on your side.

Why we think Clay is the best

We think Clay is the best because he is so good, in a field that is typically not very good. He will walk you though every step and answer all of your questions.

Most lenders in California and across the nation will not educate their clients, will not call their clients back or answer their phones, and will not be so grateful for the ability to help people.

YES!  Clay can lend in ownership parks, lease or rental parks, and all types of owned land.  Regular residential Real Estate, Mobile and Modular Homes, condos, single family, and multi-family properties.

The drawback to Community West Bank

Even though Clay is our top pick, the Bank he works for has decided not to service all of California, sadly.  Factory built homes are inherently risky for lenders to lend on, Community West Bank mainly lends within their foot print - that is along the coast of California and in the Sacramento area.  We suggest, however, that you call and double check with Clay before moving on to another lender if you are outside this area. By Will Cunningham.

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