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Small Mobile Homes
Park Models and Small Single Wides

Small Mobile Homes are very common and an inexpensive option for a lot of people.  The best thing about them is their low cost and flexible amenities.  

These homes are built almost completely in the factory and transported as a complete unit.
They are built on a single trailer chasis.  Very little assembly is required and final set up is very quick.  

Most Smaller Manufactured Homes are either a Park Model, a small Single Wide, or a Trailer Home.

A new Park Model

small mobile homes
Log Cabin look

These types of homes are normally under the vehicle code and governed by the State's Vehicle Department, such as the DMV in California.  

These sized homes are usually under 600 square feet, most are one bed room and one bath room, and financing can be difficult to obtain and expensive.

An older Trailer Home

single wide mobile homes
A small, older mobile home

A Log Cabin Park Model

log cabin second home
A great second home

Another Log Cabin home

log cabin park model
New park model ready to go

Size and dimensions

A normal dimension for a smaller mobile or manufactured home is as follows:

10 feet across or smaller

40 feet long or smaller

So the typical area inside is 400 sqft.  

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