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Buying a mobile home can I move it?

by Mitchell
(Arnold mo.)

My name is Mitch and I am in the process of buying a mobile home from a mobile home park. This home needs some renovation and I am purchasing it for 1dollar and signing a lease for pad rent.... Now they have told me when I pay my dollar that the trailer will be mine and I will have a title for it in my name... But they said I can not fix it up and sub lease it to anyone... I kind of understand why they don't let you do this because there is no way for them to control who is living in their park but they also said I will never be able to move the trailer off the pad and on my own property... As far as I know if it is my trailer I should be able to put it on whatever property I want but I may be mistaken.... So any light shed on this subject will be greatly appreciated thanks.....

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