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California Park rules for caregivers

by Susan
(Kona, Hawaii)

My aunt owned a mobile home in a park in San Diego county. She was in her 90's and required a caregiver who stayed with her for almost 2 years. After my Aunt died in May the park manager became insistent that she move out immediately. He said, only the owners can live in the home and she is not an owner. She explained that she is looking for another job so she can leave asap. He has written the family a letter telling them he can evict them from the park if they do not make her move right away. She is a nice lady, age 60 and we don't want to move her on the street while we are marketing the home. It is for sale with a local realtor. We have even asked the caregiver to do a little work around the place to say that she is simply doing some cleaning work that we are not capable since the 3 family members live at a distance. My brother who is on title on the home is in Greece for two more weeks and cannot be contacted.
The park manager is rather heavy handed and wants to put some grief in our live unless we move this lady out who is not paying us rent, she simply needs a little time. She almost believes there may be racial predudice involved since she is the only black lady in the park. Do we have any rights???

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