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do i need a title for a 1997 mobile home

by bruce
(lindley ny)

i purchessed a 1997 mobile home from the park i live in in ny park owners said their isnt a title because you dont need one but i need proof of ownership all they gave me was a paid in full receipt

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Jun 13, 2014
A title is the legal way.
by: N. McCann

They are probably telling you that because they have not been keeping up on the title and registration. Who knows how they aquired the home maybe for unpaid space rent and it costs hundreds of dollars to transfer a mobile home to a new owner. In addition, all the taxes have to be up to date or paid before it can be transfered, so that title is in new owners name. It is cheaper to tell someone that they don't need one then paying all the back amount owed and that is if they are the registered owner, who knows it could be in someones name that no one knows where they moved to try getting that signature.

Apr 09, 2013
Do you need a title to a mobile home?
by: Anonymous

It is just like a car. There is a registration and when you get it paid for there is a TiTlE. I know, have lived in one and owned several over the years.

Dec 12, 2012
Title needed?
by: Sally fisher

You need a registration.

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