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Driveway Grates

by Ann
(Brentwood, CA,USA)

The gutters in our park are so deep that most of us have metal grates over the gutter to be able to drive our cars into the driveway.

The grates are driving us crazy with the loud clang and bang noise they make when we drive over them.

Do you have any suggestion of what we can do to make them not as loud. Each crate weighs about 40-50 lbs.

Thank you.

Ann Rudolph
Brentwood, CA

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May 25, 2011
loud grates
by: Anonymous

I would suggest trying to glue some small cork or plastic pads (rubber could work as well) in between where the metal is making contact and noise.

I know that seems a little obvious and a lot of labor, but done one at a time, they all could be taken care of with little expense and in a weekend or so.

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