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FEMA Auctioning Mobile Homes

I just found this article for those interested in buying a used mobile home for cheap. FEMA to auction off used mobile homes.

"Mobile homes, brought in by FEMA to help those who lost everything following the floods caused by Hurricane Irene and Lee, are now up for public auction. If you'd like to buy one, you have the next week to get your bid in and it appears you may get a really good deal.

Leslie Price lost her home and two hair salons that she owned in Schoharie during the flood so, when she was able to get a mobile home from FEMA for free, she jumped at the opportunity. "At that point, I had been 11 weeks staying with my sister, staying with friends, just bouncing around here and there so when the mobile home was put there and I was able to stay there, it was fantastic," she says.

As folks like Price rebuild and start to move back into permanent housing, FEMA is putting the units that were temporarily lived-in, up for auction on the GSA website. Right now, there are 20 available in Cobleskill. The current bid on most of them is $1,000, FEMA spent between $20,000-$25,000 per unit.

All of the temporary housing units, or THU's, up for auction have been lived in but only once and only for a few months. They all have two bedrooms and one bathroom and come with a refrigerator and stove. A FEMA spokesperson says all of the units were inspected after the families moved out and any issues with them should be printed with the listing on the website. THUs are not being sold as a primary residence but they can be used as a tool shed, a hunting camp or a construction trailer."

Read the full article here:

Check it out!

FEMA regularly buys mobile homes for temporary housing for victims of natural disasters. They are then just sold off once they are done. This is a great way to pick one up for cheap. However, you will likely need to move the home to another location quickly.

I would imagine that these are a great buy for a contractor or a mobile home dealer looking to pick up some inventory.

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