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Half of house lost power.....

by JKeppJ

We have a 2002 Fleetwood manufactured home. The pantry light, master bathroom and closet as well as 2 outlet in the mater bedroom all lost power. Tested the breaker panel and it is fine, took apart all the outlets and tested them and they are dead. We can rewire an outlet in the kitchen and get power back to the dead areas but know this is completely unsafe. Nothing makes sense. Husband has spent 2 days trying to figure it out...any other suggestions as to what we can try before we have to call an electrician? Fleetwood is out of business so we can get wiring schematics....thinking it might be a junction box under the house but they are all covered and have no idea where they are. Thank you in advance for your time and advice.

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Aug 21, 2014
Pure frustration
by: Tim

The pole/meter supplies hole house power, not specific to particular rooms or house area. I currently have the same issue where there is no power to a specific room. Pure frustration! evidently, no one has an answer to this Fleetwood mobile home problem. I have a 2002 model and it is very cheaply constructed but, it came with the property we bought.

There is one outlet in the adjacent room that was being used at the time of power loss, (vacuum cleaner). It seems to be a "junction" because there are 3 separate romex wired into it. I had voltage from one for a moment now I have non. ???

If anyone can give intelligent suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not ready to go crawling around underneath not knowing what I'm looking for.



Sep 12, 2013
Half house looses electric remady.
by: Anonymous

I dont know how old this post is however for future reference. I had the same problem as this and it turned out to be the meter base out on the pole was bad. once it was replaced that took care of the problem.

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