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Heating and Air Conditioning

by Peggy
(Morgantown, WV)

I need to fix my current furnace in my mobile home. It is a coleman furnace but it is 17 yrs old. I know that if I fix it, it will only give me a few more years. I also want to add whole house air. I have been thinking about getting an air conditioner and a heat pump unit so that I can use electric heat until it gets down to around 25 or 30 and then letting my propane gas furnace take over. My Question is: Do I need to get an air conditioner and heat pump unit that was just made for mobile homes or can I just get a compatable unit that will fit my furnace. I know that you can only use a furnace that was made for the moble homes due to the duct work but I was not sure about the outside air conditioner/heat pump unit. Please Help!

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