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how to fix a bent frame on a 14x80 to be able to move it

bought a 1994 14x80 mobile home, and had a mover go to look to move it and price. we agreed on the price, paid him cash. he went to move it , and said it had a bent frame. when the trailer is piked up , the front wants to bend more. put chains crossed where the bent was and binded them , but when put on the ball , it stells wants to bend in the front past the hitch.

now he does not call me back, and i am stuck with a trailer i cannot move, plus the owner wants the trailer gone as he has purchased a new one to put in place. also, the mover suggested to weld pipes beween the frame, and i used who he told me too, because he had lots of experience, still no luck.
any help would be appreciated

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