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huntington beach & all of southern california

(huntington beach california)

M.H.M Specialize in all mobile home repair and maintenance And supplies Family owned and operated over 25 years Experience Qualify for all your c 47 needs From Roof repairs and roof coatings, All floor repairs in coverings, Steps ,decks, Re leveling ,earthquake bracing and under home supports, Power washing painting exterior and interior, awnings, columns and gutters and much much more! please call today for any questions or details 1(714)589-3350 thanks and god bless

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Aug 18, 2020
by: Miller-McLain

This con artist and his mother stole $800 from us and never did any work on our home in Anaheim. Don't trust these people, and SHAME IN THEM for saying "God Bless" THEY ARE THIEVES AND LIARS!! JASON KNIGHTEN AND HIS MOTHER LIZ ARE SHYSTERS!

Aug 24, 2017
A Lousy Job Fixing Our Porch
by: Bob in Laguna Hills

We had MHM do some work on the porch of our manufactured home recently and the job was not done to my satisfaction. I felt that the repaired area looked sloppy and unfinished but MHM did not value my opinion, since my wife made the mistake of paying MHM first. We're talking about a 2' section of porch where the wood needed to be replaced. The total cost for materials could not have been more than $10.00 tops and we know for a fact that the guy doing the repair was not at our home for more than 45 minutes. Taking this into consideration, the fact that my wife paid $425.00 for what I estimated to be about 15 minutes worth of work is nothing short of "being jacked". I made multiple calls to MHM and they kept making lame excuses and defending the quality of their work. I was only asking MHM to make it look more presentable and at minimum, to put a bead of sealant along the wall and not damage my existing carpet. When I mentioned that a small section of our carpet was damaged, they told us that our carpet was old and said that I probably damaged it myself by vacuuming our porch, which I have not even done. The bottom line is that these people will do shoddy work if you pay them up front and then will not give a damn what you think of their work afterward. We did not expect this kind of response, considering that MHM just completed replacing some of our home's fascia two weeks prior and did a decent job with that, although I did have a few things that needed to be done afterward, which they did. The difference however was that we did not give them all the money up front, so they couldn't pull the same kind of thing as they did with our porch. What we know now is that MHM is inconsistent and cannot be trusted to do a quality job. We will never use them again, nor will we recommend MHM to anyone we know. I sincerely hope they change their attitude in the future and make sure that you don't pay MHM before they complete the work.

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