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i am looking for imformation on what park owners have to do by law to keep park safe


i live in smiths camp in midland there was a tornato here in june23rd 2010 .there was a street light in front of our place .the street light was blown down then .i have been after rick smith to replace it for two years now .this summer the first of august i talked to rick again .he told me that we would have to get a medal detector to find the base witch was under ground .as i was talking to rick a friend in the park said he had one .he brought it over i found the base and dug the hole .the next day i went to rick smith he told me this time he has no time to replace it .so i am writing to see if their is a any safety rules that their has to be street lighting on this street there is a lot of seniors and some kids .when it gets dark you can not see anyting on the street up here any more.what does the park owner rick smith have to do to keep park safe. the rest of the street and park has lighting .can you please answer this question for me or tell me who i can talk to about this matter .

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