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by Lori Scott
(Cedar rapids, iowa usa)

I purchased a mobile home sitting on its own property, we bought it on contract in march 2011. To this day we haven't signed a contract but put 5,300 dollars down of course a check right from my bank. I also had them type on the memo for downpayment on contract purchase mobile home. What my problem is once again we are ripping out another bathroom because of black mold. I have a real bad reaction from this mold to the point the mold spores start growing inside me or, grow inside my skin and then eat away under my skin and leave huge holes. I think I should have the right to back out of this cause of not signing contract yet but because this is the second time since march and its a health risk to me. I have mad alot of home improvements about 4000 dollars worth. Shouldn't I be compansated for that too? We called the man we bought this from got a hold of him but he was out of town and said he would come over when he got home. Never came here. I ended up having my friend fix it for me and I had to pay for everything. Then I was told that he should of paid for it cause no contract yet. He took all that money from me and it's like I'm renting? Can someone tell me what they think or maybe your kind of in the same boat?

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