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investing in mobile homes

Is it a secret and are investors bypassing easy money on mobile home investing? Or is there a reason that mobile homes are not thought of as great investments?

Well for sure the idea of not owning the land can and does discourage wannabe investors from looking at mobile homes. But this should not be considered as a real problem, but just as another factor to consider in your evaluation of the property.

I think mobile homes are excellent investments if:

You can rent them out (not all parks allow this)

You can fix them up and flip for a profit

You can purchase low and the sell on a lease option

You can purchase low and then sell on owner financing at a higher price (the benefit for the buyer would be low or no down payment, and the benefit for you would be a sale at a higher price, and earning interest on your original investment amount - your only risk would be taking back the home and selling it again!).

Now, finding a good mobile home to invest in is a big factor in the over all outcome - being good or bad. Buy the wrong home or at the wrong price and you might be in trouble.

Here is a great video that helps guide you on this:

This can be a fun and profitable way to invest your spare cash.

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