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Is your Mobile Home ready for hurricane season?

mobile home damage

mobile home damage

We all know that hurricanes and mobile homes don't mix, right? Well, you could say that hurricanes and everything else on the planet don't mix, but this website is all about mobile homes!

Now, don't take this info the wrong way, nothing you can do will keep your home 100% safe, especially if a hurricane is coming right for it. But there are things you can do to make sure that if the wind does blow harder than normal, then your only home will suffer less damage.

Some areas of the Country and World are more in danger than others, like South Carolina, USA. Here is an article on preparing your home for bad weather in SC:

"The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety wants to know: Is your roof ready? What about your porches, overhangs and gables? Is your mobile home strapped down?
The last question especially matters in South Carolina, where about 17 percent of people live in manufactured homes — more than twice the 8 percent national average.
“Waiting and hoping that storms will not form until months from now is clearly no longer an option,” stated the institute in a release.
Limiting property damage from hurricanes begins with the roof, often the most vulnerable part of a structure, and the central piece protecting inhabitants from storms, according to the institute, which has offices in Richburg, S.C. and Tampa, Fla. The organization also recommends a licensed contractor perform a roof inspection performed in order to reveal weak spots."

This article was written by SARITA CHOUREY

Read the full article here:

This article underlines the importance of being prepared, especially in areas where hurricanes can hit. As you can see, the roof of your mobile home is very important. Making sure it is in good condition will save your home from leaking, which is VERY bad for mobile homes especially. Check your porch supports, awnings, and any loose window screens. Don't wait to get your house in order!

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