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Our first choice for getting a loan Nationwide

If you own a Mobile or Manufactured Home, or are looking to buy one and you need a loan, then the best Nationwide Mobile Home Mortgage Lender is: MHLoans

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Call them for a no pressure conversation about your needs for financing - (888)809-1145

What MHLoans will do for you

You should realize right away that the friendly staff have your best interests in mind.  They put time and effort into finding out your needs and suggesting loan terms that will best suit your situation.

They will explain the process to you so that you are not left hanging or wondering what is next to do.  They have a secure facility for your important documents and information, and they will take care to make sure your loan funds in the most timely manner possible.

Why we think MHLoans is the best Nationwide Lender

Well, service is top priority for them for sure, but their low down payment options are key.  The ability to lend on Mobile Homes with a less than 20% down payment is very important in this market and is what sets them apart.

The drawback to MHLoans

Unfortunately, they don't lend in any type of Mobile Home Park where the residents own the park - either a Corporation owned park, Condo conversion, or anything in between. By Will Cunningham

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