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mobile home inspections - why it is important

When buying a home, any home, but especially a mobile home, you should get a home inspection done.


Well because you will be hiring a professional who knows what to look for and what is required legally when it comes to the condition of a home.

Suppose you spend a lot of time and effort, and a lot of money buying what looks like a nice manufactured home, but then after 6 months of living there you discover the air conditioner does not work, or the water heater was not braced properly, or the smoke detectors don't work. You will feel cheated and now you have to spend your money fixing it when it should have been the seller who does that, right?

Here is a great video on mobile home inspections:

As you can see, the home inspection is very necessary and is a very cheap way to make sure the home is solid before spending money on it.

This is highly recommended for all mobile and manufactured homes, but especially the older ones.

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