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Every mobile home owner needs to have their insurance up to date (of course!) or else they risk the loss of their home with no money to replace it - a tragic and all too often result.

Make sure yours is kept up. Contact your insurance agent and review your policy every few years, just to be sure you have the coverage you need.

Here is some great info on moble home insurance in case you need a primer:

"Flood Coverage- Flooding can happen almost anywhere, and the majority of traditional home insurers exclude Flood coverage. Unlike a regular Homeowners policy, the policies offered by IIG offer Flood as a coverage option as part of the Mobile Home policy in most locations.
Replacement Cost Coverage on the Mobile Home and Contents- many traditional Home insurers value Manufactured Homes on an "actual cash value" basis in the event of a loss. "Actual Cash Value" loss settlement is akin to Kelly Blue Book value on a the event of a loss, a Mobilehome Owner with a policy that includes this option would get only the current market value of the home...not the cost to replace the Manufactured Home. IIG's policy includes Replacement Cost options on both the Mobile Home and Contents. "In the unfortunate event of a claim, because our insurer's specialize in the Manufactured Housing industry, our customers can rest assured that our adjusters understand the unique needs of Mobile Home Owners" stated Nate Watson, CEO of IIG.
Other Structures- IIG's policies can provide coverage for other structures, such as garages, carports, sheds, and also provide coverage for awnings."

To read the whole article, visit:

As a mobile home owner, you should have the basic replacement coverage up to date on your home at all times. A lot of mobile homes burn down every day, don't get caught with too little, or no coverage.

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