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mobile home movers

by K.M.

What is the responsibility of the moving company as far as how they left the condition of the property that the mobile home was on? There were two mobile homes on my grandmothers property I live in one and the other was sold, the buyer hired the movers. For example they drove through the yard and everywhere I walk is muddy, they turned the home so they can just hook on and pull out when they get the permits to haul it and blocked up half my drive way, they piled half the cement blocks off to the side out of the way to only to leave just as many in the yard, they also just left their mcdonalds lunch bags sitting on the porch to add insult to injury. I just wondered if they are accountable for any of this and I can make them lay straw or anything for the mud and clean up the other 100 cement blocks out of the yard or if I have to be the one to clean it all up on my own? Also if it matters I am in Ohio.

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