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Mobile Home Park Rules
Can they just kick you out?

A common question we here is "Can the park just kick me out?"  -  Well, the answer is no, they can't.  

A Mobile Home Park can only kick it's residents out for good reasons like:

  • You don't pay the rent 
  • You do some thing illegal (sell drugs, etc.)
  • Basically, anything that breaks the rules of the park

When you apply for residency in the park, the park manager will put you though a process of qualifying.  This is to make sure that the only people that they let in will be people who others like living next to.  It's a very good thing.

You will sign a lease or rental agreement with the park.  This is just like a normal agreement when you rent a house or an apartment.  You need to do some thing bad (break the rules) to get kicked out.

Common Rules

Common Mobile Home Park Rules are:

Only a certain amount of people can live in the home and they all must be on the lease/rental agreement

No motorcycles

Type, size, weight limit of a pet

Landscaping must not exceed a certain height and it is common for landscaping to conform to the surroundings

Number of vehicles

Ages of residents or number of children

No illegal activity and no loud noise

Rules will vary widely.  It is a very good idea to check them completely before you decide to apply for residency.  A good idea is to ask some of the residents what they like and dislike about living there.

Cases of being forced out

There are instances where the ownership changes hands, or for some reason the owners of the park decide to raise the rent so high that it forces the residents to leave.  This is obviously a bad thing and is probably illegal.  If this happens to you call an attorney.

There are some laws on the books that specifically protect a renter from having the rent go up by more than a small amount each year.  You should check on this type of protection before buying in a Mobile Home Park.

However, 99% of the time the owner and management of a park is happy to keep everything the same, and the residents don't do stupid things to warrent getting evicted.

There is the idea that there might be a better use for the ground that a Mobile Home Park is built on - this is a particular fear in Southern California where the land prices have seen a dramatic increase in value.  The idea is that an owner of a Mobile Home Park would kick out the residents and build condos.  This is a bad idea in most cases for several reasons:

First, is would be costly to buy out the residents, and market value is the assumed amount that would have to be given.

Second, it would be very hard to accomplish this without the local and state governments giving their ok.  They are very interested in keeping the parks intact (low income to medium income housing is VERY desirable for them to have in their communities).

Third, the values would have to be extremely high for whatever would be built in a park's place - with values on the way down, this is no longer a viable option. By Will Cunningham

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