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Mobile Home taxes

If you pay County Taxes on your mobile home, you better make sure you pay them.

If you pay them late, you will certainly pay a late fee, which can be hefty.

If you fail to pay them at all, you will eventually lose your home.

There was an article recently about Box Elder County auctioning off 11 mobile homes for back taxes.

To read the full article, go here:

Here is the basics:

"Those who own mobile homes and haven’t paid property taxes on them just received a warning from the Box Elder County assessor: We’re not bluffing.
The county has set a tax sale for Aug. 9 for 11 mobile homes across the county whose owners have stubbornly refused to pay their taxes.
The tax sale, in which the trailers will be auctioned off for the amount of unpaid taxes, is the final step in what has been a long and frustrating process, County Assessor Rodney Bennett told the county commission recently."

Make sure to keep your taxes current!!

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