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New Clayton Manufactured Home

Hey there, I just wanted to share with you how nice new manufactured homes really are. If you have not seen the new ones, you will be amazed!

Here is a video from Clayton homes, which is not the only builder, but a good one for sure.

As you can see, you cannot tell it is manufactured or mobile at all from the interior.

There usually is NO SEAM, and the ceilings are now higher - like 8, 9, and sometimes 10 feet high and some are flat and some are pitched.

Drywall and bullnose corners are now standard on most new homes. So is tile or granite counters.

The cost can be high on some of the larger and more upgraded models, but I think they are worth it as you will really enjoy the home more - which is hard to put a value on.

Resale of a new home is much better than an old home, even one that has been remodeled extensively.

New home financing is usually much better too. Lower rates, longer terms, and lower down payment amounts are just some of the benefits - but another big benefit is the larger pool of lenders. The risk is lower on new homes, so more lenders are interested in making loans on them.

Check out our page on Clayton homes, just click on the floorplans section of the menu above.

Do you have any photos of your new home? Post them here. Or if you are looking for a new home in California, check out our recommended dealer - his ad is on this page on the left side - Westview homes - easily the best dealer in California.

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