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new mobile home park owners, new PROBLEMS!!!

by Kevin
(Ephrata, PA USA)

We have lived in this park in a single wide for about 3 years ( ephrata, Pa) about a year ago the mobile home park was sold to another individual. Right away they started changing things and trying to impose new rules. Now they are saying that in order to sell our home, and for it to stay in the mobile home park that it must get vinyl siding and a shingled roof. The home currently has an aluminum roof and aluminum siding. We got a couple quotes for @ $15k to do both but all of the contractors said they dont even think that this roof will support the extra weight of a shingled roof. The house is worth only about $10k or less in todays market.

Another problem is we are about to move to another mobile home in the same park which does have vinyl siding and a shingled roof but they are telling me that we have to change the heating source to either natural gas or electric (currently oil heat)

Are they pushing their rights or are they well within them?


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