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painting over wallpaper

by tina
(wharton, n. j.)

the walls have seams approximately every 21 inches from old wallpaper which apparently was on the original walls which i don't know if it was installed that way. Can i paint over it and how do i get rid of the seams without re-sheetrocking all the walls?

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Oct 13, 2011
You have so many options!
by: Crystal @ Mobile Home Living

Hello, your question is probably the #1 question for updating and decorating a mobile home. Your options are truly endless and you can decide for yourself what is best:
1. The first comment/answer was a great one and is what most people will do. There are a few downfalls for this fix though. Your going to be working on it for days! It's not a quick fix at all. Most of the time within a year the materials are going to expand and contract and you will have to do it all over again.
2. Get a really good primer (Kilz) and prime over the wanna be wallpaper (remove the strips). Make sure to use oil based so it doesn't get soaked in as much and coat at least 2 times then paint. You can replace the stripping then paint over it, that should give the walls a cohesive enough look so the strips are not so obvious.
3. Remove the strips and install beadboard or sheetrock. You will lose a couple inches in each room but you will end up with the smoothest walls ever.
4. Faux rock panels are great and will cover over practically anything. They are a bit expensive though.
5. Wallpaper. Remove the stripping and get a paintable wallpaper, that way you can paint whatever color you want. You could also choose a nicely patterned paper.

There's so many answers for your question, you have to pick which is best for you based on how much time you want to put into it. Don't look at the strips as a problem but as a unique issue, at least you have a home which is so much more than a lot of other people in this country. If you like to read about decorating and updating mobile homes, then please check out Mobile Home Living at There's lot's of information getting put up everyday on how to update and remodel mobile homes. Crystal @ Mobile Home Living

Sep 29, 2011
use drywall primer
by: Anonymous

I took down the strips and just mudded/taped the seams. Be sure to use "drywall primer" over the old stuff before you paint it with anything else. This is the only primer that has never pealed.

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