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park management

by Mary

we have a manager that is completely power crazy, he signed the mortgage papers when we as a group bought the park, now he tells every one that he owns the park and some of these people are sure that he does.
Also this manager is a gossip, he gets a complaint about a neighbor not following the rules so he goes to the culprit and tells them who complained against them therefore starting neighborhood arguements. He also passes on the names of people that don't pay their rent or anything that he has heard keeping the residents in constant turmoil.
This is a senior citizen park and we have lots of complaints but can't afford to hire a lawyer.
What we really need is an outside manager, but as long as he is manager and has the following of a few indiviguals the rest of us are stuck with his antics.

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Mar 23, 2013
park manager - mary
by: Anonymous

Who is the boss of this "manager" bully. My daughter and I are qualified to manage a busy park. Criminal justice schooling, past legal secretaries, and would take him on in a heartbeat. Find a pro bono lawyer. Power is in numbers.

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