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Repairing the insulation under your mobile home

Mobile homes require repairing every year. You should be aware of damage from rodents and other animals, wind and storms, rain and plumbing leaks. Checking your whole home at least once a year will turn up repairs that need to be fixed (otherwise the small repairs turn into major problems).

One that is fairly common, but also fairly easy to fix is repairing the insulation under your home. You say you have never been under there before? Shame on you! Poke around down there and repair what problems you see.

Here is a video on just that:

Repairing the insulation under your mobile home keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It also will keep your heating and cooling costs down. But best of all, this is an easy fix - usually you just need some duct tape, and perhaps some replacement insulation.

Cheap and easy!

For more great repairs you can see the page on mobile home repair at

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