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by Mandie Davis
(Belknap County, Gilford, NH)


I live in a mobile home co-op where the roads are REALLY steep and they are doing a TERRIBLE job keeping the roads clear of snow and ice. The children have to walk up & down the hill to get to the bus stop, the elderly are having to walk the steep hills because the roads are impossible to get up, and no amount of complaining to the "President of the Board" has made any difference. It seems they are waiting until someone gets hurt before they will do the right thing. The residents have taken to buying ice melters and spreading it on the hill themselves. I feel this isn't right. After much research via the internet I have found no clear laws or rules governing public safety in a coop regarding snow and ice removal/prevention. Where do we go from here? Are there any legal responsibilities of the board to keep the roads safe, or if not, what else can we do? Road care is supposed to be part of our monthly dues... what if it just isn't sufficient?

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