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Should i fix up and replace it? vs Renting is always a bad idea....

On your site you have one section where you say the wrong way to to make money with mobile homes is when you buy a home and try to rent it. The right way is when you buy a mobile home and flip it.....

Then in your F A Q section you contridict your self saying that you never get back the money that you invest in fixing up an older mobil home. You clarify even further saying that your two options are to fix the home and or replace it with a new one.

If this is true then flipping would not work. Please explain.

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Oct 12, 2011
Fix up or replace while investing in a mobile
by: Support

Ok, so let me clear the water here:

Investing in a mobile home for income - hard to do because in most cases the park will not allow you to rent them out. This can be done under the table but you run the risk of them finding out and then you are stuck having to sell the home when you had not planned on it. The better way to make money on them is to buy LOW and fix, then sell HIGH for a profit.

This is NOT the same thing as owning and living in your own home that needs to be fixed up. If you are living in an older mobile home and it needs some serious fixing, then you should consider replacing it because you will not get out of it what you put into it if you go to sell it.

Two different situations and two different set of economics.

Hope this helps!!

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