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Size limitations on non escorted house trailers.

What is the widest and longest mobile home I can move by heavy duty truck on the interstate highway system without having escort service vehicles in front and behind me?

I am most interested in the central and western United States. I know for big trucks the legal witdth is 102 inches and the legal length is 53 ft. In addition, usually there is a legal overhang of 4 ft. behind the lights on the rear of a commercial truck, such as a flat bed or auto transport truck.

I am not looking for a travel trailer. My need is for a real home with all the amenities that can be built into a sturdy unit that can be readily moved to another job site without the hassle and expense of hiring a moving service with escort vehicles. Yet I need for these units to be of such quality they can be set as permanent homes with local sewer, water, and electricity hookups.

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