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snow load on an older mobile home

by Doug
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

I have a friend that insists on having her roof shoveled off with any snow over 6". It's an older mobile home 1966, Alpine (I think). We don't get that many 6"+ snows here in SW Ohio. Additionally, her home has developed leaks several times in the last few years, I think from people shoveling her roof unneccessarily. I'd like to know if anyone has advise on how much snow is safe enough to just leave there. The roof has very little pitch so what snow she does get tends to stay there until it melts away.

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Jun 04, 2016
1966 MH NEW
by: Anonymous

This is a pre HUD home (1974 & newer are HUD regulated) and as such probably has very little structural integrity regarding weight loading on the roof. If she can afford a roof over that will stop loading, leaks, and reduce energy costs. Good payback in the long run.

Oct 28, 2011
snow load
by: Anonymous

Was the home installed new to the site? How long ago? If it is a newer home, then the factory makes sure the snow load will be enough for the area and expected snowfall.

However, 6 inches is not a whole lot. A normal structure can handle this for sure.

Shoveling it off probably is doing more damage than it is saving.

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