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Value of a mobile home

by Leonard Hickman
(Hood River, Or)

What is the value of a 1977 double wide mobile. SQ ft 1248, located in Colorado

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May 05, 2009
Value of an older Mobile Home in Colorado
by: Support

Hello, and thank you for visiting our site!

Your question can be easily answered, although the answer is probably not what you were looking for.

The answer is: whatever someone is willing to pay for it, and whatever you are willing to sell it for.

So, value = willing buyer + willing seller.

However, we understand what you are actually asking...which probably is: I own a mobile home in Colorado, of a certain size and condition, located in a certain place. What do you think I should ask for it? Or, what do you think the highest price for it would be?

Your actual request is too complicated to just answer: $40,000.00 or whatever price we, the best answer is for you to check the comparable properties that have sold in the last 3 to 4 months in the area of the home. These comparables should be similar in size and condition. However, finding these comparables is very hard unless you pay for the information. That is why the appraisers can charge $400++ to find a market price.

So, you have two options: One, hire a mobile home appraiser (either or a local appraiser that consistently appraises mobile homes); or Two, do your own research, looking for sold properties in the area that match type, age, and condition. Use these sold values to "best guess" the market for these types of properties in the area.

If you are curious about the "blue book" value of your mobile home, you could visit and pay for their services. However, the actual value someone is willing to pay may or may not be this NADA value.

We hope this helps!


Support Team at

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