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Repo Mobile Homes
Where to find them

Right now is an excellent time to find a repo mobile home.  Call it a foreclosure, REO, or repo, they are some of the best bargains around right now.

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How to find a Repo Mobile Home

Mobile Home forclosures are everywhere. Even in the most desirable places, they come up all the time. There are really two ways to find them. First, from the banks and lenders who own them; and second, from the agents that list them for sale.

Contact Lenders

To find foreclosures in your area, start with the lenders making the mobile home loans there. Call them directly and just ask if they have any lists of REO mobile homes (REO stands for Real Estate Owned and is an industry term).  

Hopefully with any luck you will be emailed a list of properties currently for sale.

Drive a hard bargain, but don't let insult the owner

Most of the time the bank or lender has already written off the balance of the loan and any amount they receive will be good for them.  However, they are just covering the space rent now, so waiting for a higher offer usually is best for them.  Don't drive too hard of a bargain or you might end up losing!

Contact Local Agents

You will have to call the local Mobile Home agents.  Ask if they have any Repo mobile home listings.  Find the agent who specializes in these and have them show you everything.

Treat a mobile home forclosure the same as a regular purchase - do not cut corners!  A lot of the time the homes are in bad shape and may present a great bargain, but with some effort and money on your part.  By Will Cunningham

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