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Manufactured Homes
What is the difference between Mobile Homes and Manufactured Homes?

First off, only industry professionals care if you call them Mobile or Manufactured, so don't worry about what you call them.  99% of the time it is fine to call a Manufactured Home "mobile", and vice vesa.  

Mobile Homes

A Mobile Home is a single or multi section housing structure placed temporarily or permanently and is built before 1983.  

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, established strict building codes for Mobile Homes that went into effect June 1976.  Mobile Homes that were built before this date are known as Pre-HUD.  Some lenders do not make loans on these older Mobile Homes, and some lenders might make the loan but at a higher rate and fees.

The differences between a Pre-HUD Mobile Home and one built after June of 1976 is minor and in terms of living in one, there is effectively no difference.

Mobile Homes are not Trailer Homes.

Manufactured Homes

In 1983, HUD tightened their building standards even further. The homes under these new standards were officially called "Manufactured" from that point on.

The homes being built today look nothing like the traditional Mobile Homes of the 60's, 70's, and even most of the 80's. New Manufactured Homes are completely drywalled inside and are designed to look like a home that was built on-site.

The den of a new Manufactured Home

Manufactured Homes
Notice the drywall and vaulted ceilings

Both Mobile and Manufactured Homes are built on a chassis substructure for transportation - including across interstate lines.  Both are safe, affordable, and easily upgraded and remodeled. By Will Cunningham.

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